Finding out which colours suit you best, those that enhance your natural beauty, will bring you multiple benefits:

- It will help you to build a more conscious wardrobe, and not to buy clothes on impulse, with colours that don't flatter you.

- You will find it easier to prepare your outfits, because clothes in the same colour range are easier to combine.

- You will save time and money when you go shopping. 

- You will have total control over your image.

Colour conveys emotions and sensations, and is a key element in building your image.

Each person is unique and when a colour is placed near the face, it projects a luminosity or opacity.  

Depending on the colour of your skin, hair and eyes, the COLOUR ANALYSIS will show you if you belong to one of these seasons:  

- Cool: tones related to ice and moonlight (Winter and Summer seasons), or 

- Warm: tones related to fire and sunlight (Autumn and Spring seasons).

What is the procedure?

1) Once you make the payment, I will send you an email with a very simple questionnaire. I will also ask you for a couple of pictures of your face without make-up, with your hair up and natural light 
(if possible).

2) After receiving all the information, we arrange a meeting to do your Conscious Color Analysis (40/60 min. aprox.).

3) Then, after our meeting I will send you by email your digital colour chart, with the shades of your season that suit you best. It's a very useful tool, because you can download it to your phone and have it at hand when going shopping. You will save time and money!

119 €