Getting to know me better

Hi, I'm Maria Begoña Lagarón

An Image Consultant on a mission to empower people and businesses to reach their goals in life, by using fashion and personal marketing as main powerful tools.

I've been passionate about fashion, personal image and people's behaviour around it, since I was young.

I have a degreee in Business Administration and Management, I'm an expert in Personal Image and Marketing, specialized in Fashion Psychology and Sustainability.

Throughout my life I have spent a lot of time getting to know myself and searching for my true essence. I have always liked to feel connected with myself, with my body and with my image, because I feel that, balance is essential for a happy and prosperous life.

Fashion has always helped me in all my transformation processes, as well as, nature, music and therapy.

And I truly believe that is a very powerful tool to develop our talents. For this reason, 12 years ago I decided to dedicate myself to what I am passionate about: guiding others in the search for their true style and serving as an inspiration for their own transformation, to reach their goals in life. 

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My mission
​Guiding men and women to build their identity

Looking for your true style, is not something superficial, it's about: self-care, self-steem, and it's about feeling more confident with yourself to reach your goals in life.