"...Your look does matter because, image is communication"

Have you ever realised how important is Personal Image, in business?

Making a good first impression is the key to closing important deals or achieving your business goals.

Through my group workshops, your team will learn everything they need to know about Personal Marketing, so that they know how to enhance their image and ensure that it is consistent with the message and values they wish to convey.

Price/group: 600€ (VAT incl.)

(duration 1h30min, online or offline)


"Emotions affect the way you dress"


- Vitamin Clothes.

- Balance & Harmony.

- What is Enclothed Cognition?

- Find your True Style.

- Sustainable Values.

"Make an impact with your image"


- Your First Impression, matters!

- The Components of Personal Image.

- The Colour Theory.

Style and Desired Image.

- Basic Beauty Care.

"Become a conscious consumer"


- Facts about the Fashion Industry.

- The Most Sustainable Fabrics.

- Textile Certifications.

- Sustainable Brands.

- Tips for a Circular Wardrobe.

"The importance of personal image in business"


- The First Impression.

- Personal Branding.

- Self-knowledge: about your values.

- The Power of Colour in Business.

- Image is Communication.

"Practical clothing tips for a business trip"

- The most Suitable Fabrics.
- How to choose the Perfect Colours.
- Outfits for Business with minimum amount of clothes.
- How to fold clothes to avoid ironing.
- Garment Folding Techniques.