How do I work

From Inside-Out

Your self-image is like a three-part Meccano: inner, body and outer image, and any change in one of them affects the whole. That's why I work from the inside-out, to create a positive alignment between the way you look and the way you feel.

Slow Approach

Sustainability is not only linked to the way we consume or care for the planet, but also to the way we live and care for ourselves. Personal transformation, of any kind, requires time and effort, that's why my services are adapted to your time, needs and the results you want to achieve. So, take your time and enjoy the process!

Holistic Impact

The image is like an open book, which at a glance tells about you, who you are, how you feel and how you relate to the environment. So it is not something superficial, but something much deeper, because it opens the door to your emotions and your uniqueness.

Personal Colour Analysis
​"Shine with your own light"

Colour conveys emotions and sensations, and is a key element in building your image. Each person is unique and when a colour is placed near the face, it projects a luminosity or opacity.

Depending on the colour of your skin, hair and eyes, the COLOUR ANALYSIS will show you if you belong to one of these ranges:

- Cool: tones related to ice and moonlight (Winter and Summer seasons), or

- Warm: tones related to fire and sunlight (Autumn and Spring seasons).

Finding out which colours suit you best, those that bring out your natural beauty, will bring you multiple BENEFITS:

- It will help you to build a more conscious wardrobe, and not to buy clothes on impulse, with colours that do not flatter you.

- You will find it easier to prepare your outfits, because clothes in the same colour range are easier to combine.

- You will save time and money when you go shopping. 

- You will have total control over your image.

What is the PROCEDURE?

1) Once you make the payment, I will send you an email with a very simple questionnaire, I will also ask you for a couple of pictures of your face without make-up, with your hair up and natural light (if possible).

2) Once I receive your photos and the completed questionnaire, I start working on your report and colourchart.

3) Between 2 and 4 days, you will receive your personalised report and your digital colour chart in your email, with the shades of your season that suit you best. It's a very useful tool, because you can download it to your mobile phone, to have it at hand when you go shopping, you will save time and money!

120€ (VAT incl.)


Style Make-Over Package
​"Show yourself"

What does "style" mean? 

- It means you look great now and into the future, whereas trends come and go.

- It's not static, it can change during your lifetime, because it's directly related to your personal growth and circumstances.

- It's connected to your emotions, feelings and personal values.

- It's unique and non-transferable, because it's not only related to the clothes you wear but also, to how you wear them, your attitude.

Looking for your "true style", is not something superficial, because it's about self-esteem, self-care and it's about feeling more confident and connected with yourself, with your essence.

This package, includes:

- Questionnaire and interview to talk about your needs and goals.

- Body Shape and Personal Colour Analysis.

- Outfit Building Session.

250€(VAT incl.)


Personal Shopping
​"Let me pamper you"

Going shopping can be boring sometimes and also requires time and effort to select the clothes by yourself, look for sizes, try them...etc.
These are some reasons why this service has become quite popular between my customers.

How it works?

After an initial consultation (questionnaire and interview), I will carryout a pre-shop selecting items for you. 
After that, we will have an appointment to visit the shops where you will try my selection of clothes and will show you how to combine them to create different and versatile outfits. 
You will also learn the best places to find clothes for your shape and budget (my clothing searching will be focus on second hand stores and sustainable brands).

What is included?

- Questionnaire and interview to talk about your needs and goals.

- Body Shape and Personal Colour Analysis.

- 2h of Personal Shopping.

(Additional hour cost is 60€)

300€(VAT incl.)


Wardrobe Cleanse
​"Reduce, reuse and recycle"

I'm sure that sometimes or even, every morning you find yourself in front of your wardrobe, full of clothes and you don't know what to wear, am I wrong?

This is something very common and it happens for several reasons:

- You accumulate clothes from a long time ago, that you don't wear anymore, because you have changed your size or you don't identify with that style anymore.

- You keep buying new clothes, without cleaning out your wardrobe before and you find yourself with a wardrobe full of clothes, where you mix what is new with what you don't wear anymore.

- When you go shopping you don't really identify what you need and what suits you, but you buy on impulse, either because the clothes are on sale or influenced by a specific emotional state (sometimes it also happens and it is good to identify it: "I buy to feel good").

The "Wardrobe Cleanse" service is designed to leave you a perfectly organised wardrobe with your clothes and accessories easily visible and accessible. You will find it a breeze getting dressed in the morning. Your wardrobe will contain items that work for you and combine well into easy outfits. 

And what to do with the clothes we remove from your wardrobe?

I will personally take them to Ecolocalmarket to sell during 14 days, thereby you are helping to extend the life of your clothes and you will be able to recover money to invest in clothes you really need.

What is included?

Body Shape and Personal Colour Analysis.

Create new outfits within your wardrobe.

Advice on timeless pieces to store.

- Bringing your clothes to sell in Ecolocalmarket during 14 days.

2h 300€(VAT incl.) Small wardrobes with not many clothes.
3h400€(VAT incl.) Double wardrobes with several drawers.
4h500€(VAT incl.) Large double wardrobes, plus several other cupboards/drawers. 



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